Increase Your Amazon Holiday Sales, Sell Products That Buyers Want, and Eliminate the Competition by Selling the RIGHT Kind of Amazon Bundles


November 2017

From: Lisa Suttora, Amazon Marketing & Business Strategist

Dear Amazon Merchant,

Are you looking for a fast-selling, in-demand product to sell during the holidays? Want to sell something unique, in-demand, and exactly what the buyers want?

If you are...

  • Tired of competing with too many other sellers on your Amazon product page
  • Wishing you had something unique to offer on Amazon, but can’t afford to import or private label your own product
  • Looking for a way to increase your margins and sell more products
  • Thinking that there must be a better way to get new inventory

The Answer is to Create Your Own “Amazon Bundles”!


  • You can bundle retail arbitrage products together
  • Bundle wholesale products together
  • You can even bundle imported products
  • Or a combination of all three!

A Good Bundle is Hands Down the Easiest and Most Effective Sourcing Sourcing Strategy to Keep Your Business Three Steps Ahead of the Competition!


  • Create a top selling bundle on any budget!
  • Build a product bundle using your current method of sourcing
  • Sell your bundle at higher margins (or faster volume) because you have a unique, in demand product
  • Get several unique bundles up and selling multiple units a day!
  • Own the Amazon product page and the Buy Box (and keep the competition off the page)
  • Create seasonal bundles and and capitalize on high-seasonal demand
  • Repurpose saturated inventory on Amazon without having to go looking for new suppliers
  • Sell everything from entry level bundles to premium bundles to customers in all Amazon categories


Unfortunately Not All Bundles Are Created Equal

You Can’t Put Just Any Two Products Together and Call it a Bundle… (they won’t sell). 

You have to know exactly what goes into a profitable product bundle on Amazon in order to…

  • Create bundles that Amazon buyers want to buy
  • Understand exactly what makes a bundle an “I have to have this purchase” for the Amazon customer
  • Create an Amazon product page correctly so that buyers find it in search
  • Price your bundle correctly (get this wrong and you won’t make sales
  • Choose the right products to bundle! (there are bundle opportunities everywhere!)
  • Meet Amazon’s bundling guidelines (if you don’t know how to bundle correctly, Amazon will cancel your listings)
  • Put your bundle through the profitability factor test! (miss this one and you’ll lose money and sales)

There are specific steps you need to take to create a bundle that sells!




The Only Step-by-Step Training that Teaches You How to Create, Market and Sell Profitable Bundles on Amazon.


Amazon Bundles: Module 1

Creating a Bundle That Sells! Step-by-Step


  • The Bundle Advantage: How to Create a Bundle Will Give Your Business the Competitive Edge
  • The SIX Criteria of a Profitable Bundle (Get even one of these wrong and your bundle won’t sell)
  • Why Bundles are an Affordable, DOABLE Way to “Create” Your Own Product (Sellers of any level can use this strategy!)
  • The REAL Definition of a Bundle (75% of sellers get this wrong)
  • How to Get Into the Bundling Mindset (Once you learn this you’ll see bundling opportunities everywhere!)
  • The ELEVEN Types of Bundles That Sell Like Crazy on Amazon (Pick one and get started!)
  • How Bundling Can Breathe New Life Into Saturated Products on Amazon
  • Common Mistakes That Can Get Your Bundle Pulled By Amazon
  • Using Bundles to Beat the Downward Price Spiral on Amazon
  • 21 Real World Amazon Bundle Examples : Why They Work and How You Can Create Your Own Successful Version

Amazon Bundles: Module 2

Build: The Bundle Profitability Factors


  • How to Assess if There is ENOUGH Demand for Your Bundle Before Creating It
  • Creating a Bundle That is in High Demand
  • How to Research Demand for a Bundle (before you create it)
  • Bundle Component Availability: How Much to Buy When Creating Your Bundle
  • The Bundle Profitability Factors! Know Your Costs, Margins and Profits BEFORE You Bundle!
  • Margin vs Volume: What You MUST Know Before Creating Your Next Bundle
  • Bundling for FBA: Getting Amazon’s Stamp of Approval
  • 5 Custom Created Bundles – We Break It All Down Step-by-Step: How We Created Them, Sourcing Costs, What They’ll Sell For and How to Package and Name Them!
  • How You Can Outsell Major Retailers on Amazon by Creating Innovative Bundles That the Big Box Stores Can’t Sell (and customers snap up!)
  • Naming Your Bundle: How the RIGHT Kind of Bundle Name Will Increase Your Sales (99% of Amazon Sellers Get This Wrong)
  • 11 More Examples of Top Selling Amazon Bundles

Amazon Bundles: Module 3

Listing, Packaging, Launching, Shipping
and Selling Your Bundle


  • Increase Your Bundle Sales Price with the Right Bundle Packaging!
  • The Two TYPES of Bundling Packaging (and why you MUST package appropriately)
  • Avoiding Negative Feedback Due to Inappropriate Packaging
  • Why you must LAUNCH, Not Just LIST Your Bundle (if you want it to sell)
  • How to SEO Your Amazon Bundle Listings So They Get Found In Search
  • How to Launch Your Bundle and Get It Selling Fast!
  • Packing and Shipping Your Bundle To Ensure Happy Customers (and avoid negative reviews)
  • Putting Your Bundle Through the Value Test

Amazon Bundles: Module 4

Marketing Your Bundle for Immediate
and Long Term Selling Success


  • 3 Simple Marketing Steps to Get your Bundle Sales Going!
  • How to Boost Your Bundle in Amazon Search!
  • The #1 Place to Start Marketing Your Bundle
  • Why you must LAUNCH, Not Just LIST Your Bundle (if you want it to sell)
  • How to Prime the Pump and Get Immediate Traffic to Your Bundle
  • How a Simple Video Can Get Your Bundle Massive Visibility
  • Amazon Product Page Copywriting Tips to Make Your Bundle Irresistible to Buyers!
  • How to Put Together an Ongoing Bundle marketing Plan That Will Sell Your Bundles Daily

Holiday Bundles: The #1 Season for Bundles & Gift Sets!


Our 2017 Holiday Bundles List gives you 25 “ready to assemble” bundle ideas.


  • We’ve put together 25 hand-picked Holiday bundles across several Amazon categories
  • We’ll give you the list of components that goes into each bundle!
  • Each bundle can be customized in a variety of different ways
  • All you do is pick one and build!
  • Creating and selling just one of these Holiday Bundles has the potential to add hundreds or thousands of dollars to your Q4 sales!

Halloween Bundles: The profits are a treat!


Our 2017 Halloween Bundles List gives you 25 “ready to assemble” ideas.


  • We’ve put together 25 hand-picked Halloween bundles that you can build and sell this year!
  • We’ll give you the list of components that goes into each bundle!
  • Each bundle can be customized in a variety of different ways
  • All you do is pick one and build!
  • Halloween bundles are easy to sell (with the right components) and generate a nice additional stream of seasonal income!

Back-to-School Bundles are a great bundle niche!


Our 2017 Back-to-School Bundles List gives you 31 “ready to assemble” ideas in a multi-million dollar category.


  • We’ve put together 31 of the top Back-to-School bundle ideas!
  • We’ll give you the list of components that goes into each bundle!
  • Each bundle can be customized in a variety of different ways
  • All you do is pick one and build!
  • And best of all, many Back-to-School bundles sell year-around!

GOLD Bundles: If you want to sell bundles in a variety of categories,this list is for you!


Our 2017 Bundle Gold list gives you 50 “ready to assemble” in almost every Amazon category.


  • Our Gold Bundles list contains bundles in a variety of Amazon categories that will sell year ‘around
  • We get you started with the list of components that goes into each bundle!
  • Each bundle can be customized in a variety of different ways
  • All you do is pick one and build!
  • Create one or more bundles to generate new streams of income and add hundreds or thousands to your sales this year! 

We want  you to implement your Amazon Bundles training as quickly and as easily as possible. That’s why we’ve given you a Bundle Checklist, so you can make sure that your bundle contains everything it needs to sell!

Bundling is the Quickest, Easiest, Most Affordable AND Most Profitable Way to Have Your Own Product to Sell on Amazon!






That’s Why We’ve Given You Everything You Need to Create, List, Launch, Sell, Ship and Market Bundles That Sell in a Step-by-Step Easy to Implement Format!






Give Me Immediate Access to...
  • The 4 Module Amazon Bundles Step-by-Step Streaming Video Program (Design, Build, Sell, Market)
  • Includes 70 Real World Amazon Bundle Examples Throughout the Course!
  • BONUS #1: Our EXCLUSIVE  25 Holiday Bundle List (Get ready for Holiday 2017!)
  • BONUS #2: Our EXCLUSIVE  50 Evergreen Bundle “Ready to Assemble” Gold List (Sell these all year)
  • BONUS #3: Our EXCLUSIVE  31 Back-to-School Bundle “Ready to Assemble” List (Back to School sells year ’round!)
  • BONUS #4: Our EXCLUSIVE  25 Halloween Bundle List
  • BONUS #5: The Bundle Checklist (Don’t miss a critical step)





Because this is a digitally downloadable program. there are no refunds on this product. If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team. We are happy to answer any questions to ensure that the Amazon Bundles program is the right fit  for you!